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City of Lakes or A City of Peace? Bhopal!

Bhopal, in the midst of movement helps you to keep stillness inside, it has got many attractive places within its boundaries and on its outskirts. This post aims to be your guide as to where and how you can spend a peaceful weekend in the heart of India.

When you start writing about your Birthplace, there are so many things to put in. You have grown old at the same place, you have family, you have friends, you have emotions, you have feelings, feelings that cannot be explained! Bhopal is my hometown. My love affair with the city got a boost when I started to live in Indore but I tend to spend my weekends at Bhopal, because the peace I find in the city, that fresh air, that lush green environment, I didn't find it in the places I have ever been to! It is rightly called as Bhopal: City of lakes. it has seven lakes situated at seven different locations which enhances the beauty of this historical city. Also it is the Capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. With these lakes, the calm atmosphere, it becomes more of a city where you can have peaceful moments, gazing at sunsets or just sitting by the lake. Can rightfully be the city where you see yourself after Retirement.

Sunset at Upper lake! ©Monish Shrivastava | All rights reserved

Here is a list of 5 breathtaking places you should visit when you are in the city:

1. Van Vihar National Park.
©Monish Shrivastava | All rights reserved.

Placed on the lakeside(Upper Lake), Van Vihar is a national park rich with flora and fauna. It has a lush green environment and the lake adds beauty to it. You can spend half of your day here romancing with the nature, the environment soothes one's soul. It is a paradise for wildlife photographers. You can spot a variety of species of plants and animals. It's okay walk through the road or take your vehicle, but I recommend you to rent bicycles (provided in a minimal cost) and take a mesmerising round of the park and spend quality time reliving your childhood.

After you have a pleasant noon spent at Van Vihar, you can move towards Boat Club, that will be your next destination, you can watch a beautiful sunset at the lake side and enjoy some boating, with an eye catching view.

Also you can have an evening brunch at the chowpatty located at the boat club, it does have a Cafe Coffee Day, a sip of coffee and a beautiful sunset, cherry on the cake right?

2. VIP Road

Our very own Marine Drive, VIP Road is a stretch of around 4.5 kms starting from the CMO Bhopal to Lal Ghati, having the upper lake by its side. A beautiful sunset can be spotted while you cross the VIP Road, also it is a paradise for the ones who love to ride, those curvy roads, sight of the lake, something out of this world. Also you can spot the Raja Bhoj Statue built in the memory of the great ruler of Bhopal, Raja Bhojpal. I personally love driving through this road, imagine if you are tired after a busy day, and you have a drive through this road, windows open, sight of the sunset, and cold breeze, how amazing that feeling is, you can actually feel the love that nature has for us.

3. Manua Bhan Ki Tekri
Actually a hilltop temple also known as Mahavir Giri, is a Jain pilgrimage and a top scenic location which Bhopal has. It is one of the most peaceful and tranquil locations you will ever see, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, you can sit here and have a peaceful time gazing at the skyline of Bhopal. It features a rope way and has a well built road, you can either enjoy the rope way or have a short hill station drive up the hill!
You can witness a beautiful sunset from this spot, also you can see the aeroplanes landing and taking off, as the airport is just a few miles away from the spot.
4. Kolar Dam
A 40 kms journey from Bhopal takes you to Kolar Dam built on river Kolar, It has the most scenic route you will see, again a paradise for the people who love long drives, these roads will make you go crazy, you should take the road from Ratibad, surrounded by a lot of trees, you will feel if you are driving your way through the nature, you do not even need to turn your acs on, whether it be summer or winter, you will experience a breathtaking ride!
5. Kaliyasoth Dam

Last but not the least, Kaliyasoth Dam is the place on which I count on in Bhopal, built on river Kaliyasoth, this is the place where you will have the most peaceful time, just drive down to the cliff and spend your time gazing the sun go down, the cold breeze won't let you let you leave the place, tune up to Coldplay, have a sip of your drink and just enjoy the moment, that's what the place has to offer. Away from the busy world, you will see a lot of people just enjoying the beauty of nature.

That's all I have to share about the peaceful life that Bhopal offers, you can have a beautiful weekend here, also its the time for the monsoons, Bhopal does look more beautiful when it rains, so its the right time to travel, adios, will be back soon with a new post! Acknowledgement: I thank my friend Shivangi for helping me with the Van Vihar pictures.

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